Resident or migratory bird watching, observing terraces of humid subtropical forests, walking on sand dunes, swimming on a motorboat, visiting sphagnum swamps, ziplining, hiking to breathtakingly beautiful lakes, sightseeing of cultural monuments, monasteries and arch bridges, hiking or riding a horse to the extraordinary villages of Adjara – This is only a small list of ecotourism activities that Adjara protected territories offer.
Its four protected territories are all netted with hiking trails, bicycle paths, picnic spots and camping sites. The local landscape is suitable for hiking tours, horse riding, scientific and ecotourism. Its well-kept and pristine nature, lush green environment, waterfalls, lakes, rivers and protected territories – endemic and relict specimens, mountains close to the sky and the sea with its unique ecosystem is heaven for tourists with the specific preference of any of the above. Kobuleti, Kintrishi, Mtirala, and Machakhela protected territories, Batumi Botanical Garden, Green Lake, Goderdzi forest, sand dunes and a few other breathtaking places will be a new discovery for you.