If you have any additional questions after reading the following terms, please contact our support center
Phone reservation are accepted on our 24/7 service hotline
+995 555 225 090 Contact us on- Whatsapp & Viber
+995 577 299 991 Contact us on - Whatsapp & Viber
Rental prices include:
·All taxes
·100% Vehicle Insurance
·Any amount of drivers applied for vehicle insurance
·Unlimited mileage with every vehicle for any rental period, so you never have to count the kilometers you drive.
PAYMENT METHODS-> What payment methods are sufficient? always provides all basic methods of payment (credit cards, cash payment, bank transfer, etc.).
How do I know if my reservation is confirmed?
Confirmation letter will be sent by the E-Mail by the reservation department with all the dedicated details.
What if I want to cross the border of another country on a rented car?
In this case, you should contact the office of the company where you plan to take the car and you will be provided with all the necessary information.
How contract is signed?
Signing of the contract takes place at the place of vehicle delivery regardless of the country. While booking online or if you have sent the necessary documents in advance, the contract will be prepared in advance, before your arrival.
Can I pick up my rental at the airports in the georgia?
CARS-RENT.GE always provides the maximum set of services to its customers. The presence of a car rental service at the airport must be checked in advance at requested location
Age restrictions
Any driver which is 21 year’s old and has 1 year of driving experience is automatically insured with all conditions listed below.
A-Can I make changes in confirmed reservation?
To compose changes into the confirmed reservation, you will be required to contact the reservation department. The conditions may vary depending on the rental location.
B- Is it possible to make changes in the quantity of rental days?All changes related to the duration of the lease must be agreed in advance with the reservation department. Amount of addition/refund will be calculated according to the lease agreement regarding the lease continuation.
What if I get into a traffic accident?
You must call the police, insurance company and our office. Financial responsibility will depend on the type of insurance you selected.
Note: do not move your car until police arrives, otherwise insurance will not be valid
What if I get a fine while my rental?
If you receive a fine, you will be notified by the police or CARS-RENT.GE A Car. The fines received during the lease are your personal responsibility and you will be obliged to pay them
A-What if I lose car keys?
If you lose provided keys, you will need to contact Naniko and you will be provided with a new one.
B- What if the car breaks down in the interim of my rental?
If the car breaks down not through your fault, our technical service will deliver you a new one at your location. If the car breaks down due to your fault, then you will have to pay damages based on the contract and if you wish you will be delivered a new car, the rental price will also be calculated according to the terms of the lease.
Note: vehicle key is not covered by insurance and you will have to pay full compensation.